DO YOU WANT to . . .

decrease body fat?

improve energy?

boost metabolism?

gain endurance?

. . . and feel amazing?

Surge is designed to work for anyone regardless of how much experience or knowledge you have with fitness. Your coach will demonstrate and guide you through each component of the workout while also motivating, keeping you accountable, and ensuring optimal progress.

I started the SURGE program at RISE Athletics and Wellness in August. Prior to that I was a couch potato and was too intimidated to go to a gym. But at RISE I always feel welcome, comfortable and safe. Every class has a coach and the moves can be adjusted to suit your exercise level or limitations. In 5 short months I have lost over 2 inches on my hips alone, gained energy and strength, and made some great friends. The encouragement and accountability is what I needed to get moving. If you are looking to make a fresh start to a healthier lifestyle RISE is the place to be!
— Michelle D.
I haven’t looked back since my first Surge class in Sept. I look forward to class 3x/week. ALL the trainers are so helpful, and easy to ask for help. The atmosphere is so relaxed. I love the interaction with the others that are there to workout. I have made new friends, have more energy & have gained back some flexibility. I love going to Rise !!
— Kristy H.

3 fantastic workouts this week! Coaches are always so helpful & encouraging!
— Paula H.