SMALL Group Training

DO you WANT to . . .


decrease body fat?


improve energy?

boost metabolism?

. . . and feel amazing?

Small group training is designed to work for anyone regardless of how much experience or knowledge you have with fitness. Your coach will demonstrate and guide you through each component of the workout while also motivating, keeping you accountable, and ensuring optimal progress. 

I started attending twice a week, just over a year ago, and I have noticed definite benefits. I have suffered with recurring sciatic pain for the last 4-5 years, needing chiro and massage once a month to alleviate the pain for usually a week or two. After 3 months at Rise, I realized that my sciatic pain had not come back, and I have not had any pain since. The coaches are knowledgeable and available to help you with so much more than just weight lifting or body building. General mobility, nutrition, proper daily exercise routines, etc. So fortunate to have so much knowledge from people who truly care about their clients, all in one place.
— Kevin H.
The community you find at Rise is unique, and welcoming! Their knowledgeable coaches ensure you’re technique is on track which minimizes injury or strain! Rise Athletics will meet you where you are, and help you build goals specific to your lifestyle.
— Sam H.
It’s a place you feel encouraged and supported by the other people you workout with. To share laughs with friends first thing in the morning and motivated by knowledgeable coaches to do better each day.
— Joanne F.