SMALL Group Training

Small group training is designed to work for anyone regardless of how much experience or knowledge you have with fitness. These sessions will help you to gain confidence and focus, increase strength, decrease body fat, improve energy, boost metabolism and endurance. Your coach will demonstrate and guide you through each component of the workout while also motivating, keeping you accountable, and ensuring optimal progress. 

Small group training includes all the elements of our Surge program, plus an additional individualized strength component in each workout. As well, nutrition coaching and success sessions are all inclusive for our Life Strong clients.

As a LIFE STRONG CLIENT Your Membership also Includes

For 3 month and 6 month term clients, the above services are available for a small fee.

6 Months

Unlimited Sessions


3 Sessions / Week


2 sessions / week


*LIFE STRONG (12 Month Term) includes additional FREE Bonuses

With sessions running from 5am through the evening and being open 364 days a year, we guarantee you’ll find it easy to manage your own training schedule with our app.