Your journey into movement begins here. Movement is the universal language of human expression.

Understanding the how and why of moving well helps us aspire to move well and move often.

It’s been very helpful for mobility and strengthening, as we can see changes on the assessments.
— Sharon W.

Functional Movement Screening is for everyone – from high performance athletes to elderly patients in rehab – anyone who display signs of dysfunction either from an injury or poor movement quality in general.

One thing’s for sure:  Movement dictates the way we live -- all day, every day -- and we take that very seriously. 

Move Well. Move Often.

Functional Movement PACKAGE INCLUDES:

4 total private sessions with a Certified FMS Coach

  • Session 1:

    • Functional Movement Screening

    • Orientation and assessment

    • Past history review

  • Session 2:

    • Pain relief / Injury management strategies

    • Tailored dynamic, static and active stretching

    • Foam rolling strategies

  • Session 3:

    • Rehab, Rehab and conditioning exercise

    • Knee valgus, core, glute, and thoracic activation

  • Session 4:

    • 2 month post initial assessment

    • FMS re-assessment

  • Detailed Report:

    • Current dysfunctions

    • Corrective movement strategies

I can notice the difference that these sessions have made. I’ve really appreciated how you tailor to each of us and see things that I need a little more work on and how you individualize it.
— Margaret T.
It has been very helpful, he is walking and doesn’t need a cane. We are so grateful Harv is getting stronger.

I’m thankful for Steven, it’s been a good experience.
— Harv & Helene