For the past year our team has been planning for something big. We’ve been planning the next level of what we do. We’ve been planning for how we can help more people use fitness to reach their potential.

As a part of this process we identified that The Muscle Hut was not an accurate description of our identity and that our facility was not equipped to handle the level of impact we knew we needed to reach.

Today I’m excited to announce our new brand and identity as a company.

Moving forward we are; Rise Athletics and Wellness.

I’m also excited to announce our all new facility outfitted with the best in equipment and amenities to better serve our amazing clients, to reach new clients who haven’t yet started their fitness journey, and to open opportunities for additional training programs all while still maintaining our commitment to control the environment and provide the un-gym experience for you, with a fully coached facility.

But most importantly, what I am the most excited about today is that this new brand and this all new facility is a place where our entire coaching team can properly and effectively do what they love, where they can continue to do what they do best - make an impact in peoples lives every single day.

I’m incredibly honoured to be surrounded by these selfless and passionate coaches. And I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work alongside these amazing people every single day.

On behalf of Evan, Vanessa, Steven, Cari, Mallory and myself we look forward to this next chapter with you.

Rise Athletics and Wellness. We’re located at 245 Kimberly Road - we can’t wait to see you.

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Kurtis Fox

We have a new website and several open houses coming. We'd love to show you around!