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I had the opportunity to do a presentation at the Winkler Flyers Spring Camp last weekend. As I rounded the corner to enter the room where I would be presenting, I saw that it was PACKED FULL of athletes and parents. There were two other presenters that would go before me and as I waited for my turn, one thing continued to run through my mind - potential. This was a room full of potential. Every single player in this room had been invited to come try out for the Winkler Flyers in the Manitoba Junior Hockey League (MJHL), which means that they have proven their skills and abilities on their current team and were hand-picked by scouts to try out for the next level in their hockey careers. Making the team at this calibre of hockey is a huge opportunity for these kids. Many will go on to play college hockey and earn a full college degree provided by their ability to perform on the ice; and from there, some will even go on to play in the NHL or other pro leagues around the world. But, the first step in that journey starts with making it into the MJHL. After working with the Flyers this season to provide strength and conditioning training, I can certainly say that these athletes are willing to put in the work necessary to accomplish their dreams. 

I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do my presentation on our Off-Season Hockey Conditioning Camp because I know this program is something that can help players reach their FULL potential. Hockey is a sport that requires a tremendous amount of sport-specific skill, ex. stick handling ability, shooting and passing accuracy, power-play and penalty-kill strategy/execution, etc. However, one critical attribute that often gets overlooked is the importance of strength development and how much impact it has on hockey performance. Everything starts with strength. Strength enables a player to become more agile; shoot harder; change directions with greater precision; accelerate faster down the ice and have a higher top-end speed. Speed, above all else, is the most critical aspect in the game of hockey. You can’t utilize your powerful shot if you don’t have the speed to get to the puck in the first place. All of these qualities start with developing a base level of strength and then can be developed further through specific training strategies after that. 


Another important benefit of strength training is decreasing the chances of injury. Strength training not only provides the necessary stimulus to develop muscular strength, it also strengthens the joints, ligaments and tendons which is critical for preventing injuries. Hockey can be a rough sport; it is important to take a proactive approach to injury prevention by taking part in strength training over the summer months. 

This is our fourth year running the Edge Hockey program. Our Off-Season Hockey Conditioning Camp is a 12-week periodized training program that is designed to get maximum results for the athlete. The program is split up in different blocks that develop specific training qualities, such as hypertrophy, strength endurance, bilateral strength, power, unilateral strength, agility, speed, core stability, mobility/flexibility, and aerobic/anaerobic conditioning. 

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In addition to our cutting-edge training program, we provide full performance testing at the start of the program and throughout to provide up-to-date progress reports. This allows the player to know which areas he/she needs to focus on improving and allows our coaching staff to modify the program to facilitate the necessary training. 

“Since working with you guys I am feeling stronger, plus being active on the days off is a huge advantage for us. My flexibility has really improved. It’s been great doing the workouts with the team and having good people to ask for advice whenever needed. I’d recommend you guys for anyone looking to get stronger and want to have a huge advantage over other athletes through the summer and have a great support group while doing it."

— Coltyn Bates, Winkler Flyers

Last, but certainly not least, nutrition strategies are provided for pre-game, intra-game, and post-game success. The off-season is the time to be focusing on body composition changes. Some players will want to bulk up over the summer months, while others will want to get leaner or maintain their current weight; we have nutrition strategies for all of these goals. 

We have had great success with our program in the past and I look forward to helping more athletes reach their full potential this year. If you want to be the best player you can be, strength training in the off-season is 100% necessary. Take the guess work out of your training and feel confident that you are getting the results you deserve with our Off-Season Hockey Conditioning Camp. We will get you prepared to start the 2018 season in peak condition and take your game to the next level! The camp starts up on July 2 at our BRAND NEW, 7000 sq/ft training facility in Winkler, MB. 

Early-bird pricing is available until April 30 - register today @ EDGEATHLETICS.CA!

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“I am stronger and more conditioned from the training. I feel more mobile which is key for hockey players. My favourite thing is how we have a fun environment and it isn’t like a boot camp. I’d recommend you guys to athletes who need to gain strength and confidence in their respective sport."

— Will Blake, Winkler Flyers