Who are we?

Rise is a facility serving members desiring to excel in life. We are different than your typical ‘gym’ because - we’re not a gym. We only offer professionally coached fitness programs as well as sustainable nutrition coaching and education.

We build relationships based on trust and accountability, establishing confidence to create change, and improve overall life quality.

This is the un-gym experience.

We rise together.


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Evan Kehler

Head Strength Coach


The physical and mental health benefits that come from exercise are invaluable, particularly improved self-esteem and self-confidence; it brings me great joy to help people improve their lives through strength training and proper nutrition.

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Vanessa Penner

Strength & Fitness Coach

CPT, Pn1

I started out at RISE in 2012 as a client looking for some strength and nutrition guidance and very quickly fell in love with everything RISE represented and soon after, I felt lead to pursue a career in fitness.  I am truly grateful to be part of a team that genuinely desires to positively influence and encourage people to live healthy, balanced lives!

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Steven Wieler

Strength & Fitness Coach

CPT, Pn1, FMS1

I had been overweight most of my life and made fun of for it, this crippled my self esteem and confidence. 
I want to help people who do not feel confident, to feel great about themselves and the effort they put in as they see their bodies transforming.

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Cari keHLER

Strength & Fitness Coach

CPT, Pn1

In 2014 I joined RISE as a personal training client. Having no experience with fitness I knew I needed guidance. Now having the opportunity to join the RISE team I get to combine my passion for fitness with my passion of working with people and helping them in their own fitness journey, whatever their goals may be!



A childhood of sports and physical activity sparked an interest in teaching and providing opportunities for others to develop the skills, strength, and confidence to live a healthy, happy life. This dream first led me to a degree in Physical Education, and when given the opportunity to join the RISE team, I was eager to help people to reach their fitness goals. From the youth level, to aspiring athletes, and everyone in between, I look forward to working with you.

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Haley FUNk


I became a Rise member in 2016 and quickly fell in love with strength training. Building strength is both mental and physical and I believe everyone deserves to feel strong! I am excited to join such an amazing team of coaches and help everyone find their strength and achieve their goals.

Kurtis Fox

Strength & Fitness Coach

CPT, Pn1, Movement/Mobility 1

Driven by passion and an expanding knowledge base, I take a very open minded approach to each client as everyone has unique needs. I take huge pride in knowing our entire team is supporting everyone to become their best. We truly are redefining fitness in the Pembina Valley.


Our facility offers a variety of the best strength equipment and a playground of conditioning toys you won’t find anywhere else in the Pembina Valley.


We proudly support local charitable organizations and community events throughout the Pembina Valley, as we strongly believe in building on the community minded spirit that already resonates throughout the region.

Our community investment initiatives are driven by our vision to empower everyone through their own self confidence.